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Nu Skool Junglist FM is an online radio station dedicated to the promotion and broadcasting of jungle, drum and bass music. The station was founded in the UK in March 2023 and hopesto gain a following from listeners worldwide.

The term "nu skool" refers to the contemporary and evolving style of jungle music that emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which incorporated influences from other electronic music genres such as techno, hip-hop, and house. This style is characterized by its fast, breakbeat-heavy rhythms and heavy basslines.

Jungle and drum and bass music have a long history in the UK, originating in the early 1990s as a fusion of breakbeat, dub, and reggae. Nu Skool Junglist FM showcases both classic and contemporary jungle and drum and bass music from a variety of artists, including both established and up-and-coming DJs and producers.

The station broadcasts 24/7 and can be accessed through its website www.nuskooljunglistfm.com or various streaming platforms such as TuneIn, MyTuner, and Radio Garden. In addition to music, the station features interviews, live sets, and other programming related to the jungle and drum and bass scene.

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